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Total Packaging is a privately-held Company Mfg. of corrugated packaging and composite boxes. Our packaging knowledge translates to sales-driving design, high quality execution, protection and security of your products, and exceptional customer support for every corrugated assignment, regardless of scope.

We are among the leading brown Packaging box manufacturer and corrugated box manufacturers in Southern India. Our carton/cardboard boxes have various applications like storage, shipping, packaging. Whether you need a box for shipping products or storing your stocks, we can guide you with the right solutions. Corrugated boxes can be used for packaging food, garments, electronics, pharmaceutical products, chemicals, and more.

Why Total Packaging


Quality Oriented

We at Total packaging, take all the necessary steps to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality and caters to the needs of the customer perfectly. We take several steps to ensure that the quality is under check during the production process itself, i.e from sample checking of products to taking customer feedback, in order to improve the quality from time to time. We also are very careful about the boxes Burst strength and Compression strength.

Professional Guidance

With an experience of over 4 years in the industry, we not only cater to customers by providing the end product, but can also help them in making the right choice of packaging, best suited for their product. Like Which type of corrugated boxes will be the for the specific industry also which GSM paper to use for the most economical box to be used for packaging. For customers, who are not well versed with the different types of packaging options which may be available for their products, we can walk them through to understanding the same and then choosing the best as well as most cost effective option available.

On-Time Delivery

We are located at Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. we deliver throughout Maharashtra along with Gujarat and Goa. One of the most important elements of any industry is to ensure timely delivery of goods/services, from the manufacturers to the consumers. Rest assured, with Total Packaging, we work collectively to ensure that the delivery of the end products is within the time frame guaranteed, and our customers face no delays in further supplying their products.

The Cost of Low Grade Products

Does the condition of a box or shipping material really matter, as long as the customer receives their product within a reasonable amount of time?
Not only is this an issue that matters, this is an issue that could generate negative branding and relationship consequences, unless your shipping and fulfillment team takes a proactive approach in handling your customer’s packages with care.
Packaging is an essential element of any export operation, impacting not only the safety but also the costs, communications and even marketing of a product.
From a contractual point of view, responsibility for the export packaging always lies with the exporter, who must ensure that it withstands the international journey. If the packaging is damaged upon arrival in the port of destination, and the carrier proves that its handling of the cargo did not produce the damage, the seller–the exporter–will be responsible for any deterioration.
However, the function of packaging is not limited to protecting the cargo during the international logistics process. The packaging is an element of the product’s marketing. In this regard, the packaging should allow the company to adequately convey its image to customers.
A common sign of poor/Cheap packaging is damage to the product. Whether it is the primary or secondary packaging, if it is not durable enough to withstand the conditions it faces along the line, it is not likely the product will reach the consumer in good condition. This can be costly to manufacturers, who could end up refunding the consumer or discounting the product to sell it. Damaged packaging also deters costumers from buying again, leading to a loss in sales.
The Reputation of the Brand
In addition to the potential financial costs of a product’s packaging being damaged, brand reputation can also be damaged. Quality and attractive packaging are expected, particularly for essential products, as consumers have high expectations for the packaging and product due to the price they are paying. If flimsy or impractical packaging is used, consumers will be deterred from making a repeat purchase or even recommending the brand to others.
Manufacturers should consider consumer expectations when it comes to packaging design, quality and branding. In competitive markets, the brand and packaging of a product can have an enormous impact on consumers choosing it over others.
Packaging provides protection against shock, vibration, temperature, moisture and dust. Containment or agglomeration – Packaging provides agglomeration of small objects into one package for reason of efficiency and cost factor.
Remind yourself: you have worked too hard to get customers just to lose them due to Poor shipping issues!

Remind yourself: you have worked too hard to get customers just to lose them due to Poor shipping issues!

is recycled and used at Total Packaging

We are stewards of our environment and take pride in fostering a more sustainable industry.


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